domingo, 4 de julio de 2010


Seasons come and go, and people come and go.

Does it have to be like that? Must everyone leave eventually?

You stare at the wall for a couple of seconds, and then you blink, confused.
You certainly wish someone had warned you when you first stepped into this world.

This is something you'll tell your children, for sure:
"Champ, you shouldn't get too attached to a person, ever. People come and go. That's life for you, son. Now get out there and break your heart. Oh, don't worry about the pain, you'll get used to it eventually, believe me"

You shake your head, and snap out of it.
"So, you're growing older, is that so bad?", you say out loud, trying to convince yourself.

"So, everything's changing, people are fading away, and nothing will ever be the same... what about it?"
You're not doing a very good job...

Suddenly, everything that's happened in the last few days, comes racing back. It's overwhelming.
People dying, people leaving, people getting pregnant, goodbyes, broken promises, lost forevers.

Fuck. Fuck everything.
This was not supposed to happen. Not for a long time, at least.

You're still a kid!
How can everything feel so definitive and carved in stone when you're just a kid?

You feel like life has been cheating; but then, you take a look in the mirror.

I guess you're not a kid anymore.
Well... this certainly sucks.

11 comentarios:

Olivia dijo...

Carajo Dex, deja de hacerme llorar!

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Pero si yo no hice nada...

Melpomene dijo...

well done ninja :)

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Thank you, thank you very much.

Mystique dijo...

According to what they taught us while being kids: We get born, we grow, we reproduce, and we die.
I guess it's just part of the process, but oh, there is a problem:
Humans are afraid to change

Sam dijo...

A veces, cuando hablo conmigo misma me digo "niña". Pero definitivamente no lo soy.

Janus dijo...

Así es, la vida se pone más fea entre más creces. Y como dijiste en ti twitter: hay que beber como adolescentes para olvidar que ya somos adultos.

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Beber es la solución.

Anónimo dijo...

Si fuera una niña seguiría aventando pecositas con la cervatana y enseñando los calzones por querer jugar futbol, ah y seguramente ya llevaría 100 matrimonios de kermesse...

Rayos! debí quedarme ahi.

Ninja Peruano dijo...

La parte de los calzones suena bien, al menos. Ja.

DÆMOИ dijo...

Trust me, one can never get used to get the heart broken.

Life sometimes sucks.

But, hey, it's life.