martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

I'm done waiting

Our "once upon a time" ended without a "happily ever after"
Our story ended almost as abruptly as it had begun: you made your way out of my life faster than you made your way in.

You showed me that some love stories have a far less romantic ending than I'd ever want to admit.
The worst part is that I still don't understand the grand finale...

Really? That's it?
No unforgettable kiss under the rain?, no bedside promises spoken calmly while one of us slips out of this world?, not even sharing a couple of tears while we tell each other that everything's going to be alright?

Funny... I always thought that we'd get a much better ending than just a couple of hasty mails stating half-assed truths.
Heh, sometimes life sucks like that.

Well, several months have passed, and I really think we're done. We're through. We've finally moved on.

I want to apologize, though.

I'm sorry for clinging to a memory for so long.
I should have realized that we were completely different persons than when we first met, and completely different persons than when we were together.
We grew so much... we both changed, in a lot of ways.
We changed so much, in fact, that we just drifted apart eventually.

Suddenly, we woke up, and we no longer were meant for each other.
One day, our lives began to take their separate ways.
The fucked-up thing is that we didn't notice; not for a long time.

I spent SO many hours thinking about where it had all gone to hell, trying to pinpoint the exact moment in time when we fucked everything up.
Somehow, I felt as if locating that moment, could be the thing that saved us.
Well, it turns out that there was no exact moment after all.
We just grew apart. It really is that simple.

Still, I kept trying to think that we still shared a future. I wanted it SO badly...
I guess you were the first one to realize that it just wasn't gonna happen... you were always the strong one, after all...

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for not realizing sooner, and for being so pushy, and for being so hopelessly hopeful.
Things really would have been better off if I had just opened my eyes.

Thank you, for everything.
I really do wish you the very best.
May you be as happy as you always made me feel.

So, if you ever end up reading this, good morning.
And in case I don't see you, good evening, good night, and good life.