jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Of epiphanies

Have you ever felt like your life was... frozen?

Suddenly, you wake up, but you don't open your eyes.
Instead, you just lay there for a couple of minutes, and you let your mind wander.

When did everything change?
When did you become this person?

Nevermind that, the real question here is: who is this person?

You finally open your eyes, and everything kicks in:
It's the same old room, it's the same old bed, it's the same old roof, and it's the same old life.

But if nothing's changed, then why does everything feel completely different now?

You rub your eyes, and you turn your head to look at the clock.
It's 3 AM, it's no wonder you're feeling so lonely...

Closing your eyes again, you try to fall asleep, but dreamland seems so far away now...

Suddenly, everything that's been worrying you, comes to mind in a single second.
The night is so cold, and you are so alone...

Not knowing what to do, you begin to hum the first song that comes to mind. You find yourself humming a lullaby that you heard oh so long ago...

You fake a smile, to no one in particular.

It's the same old room, it's the same old bed, it's the same old roof, and it's the same old life.
But you're not the same old you.

You slowly drift away, as sleep crawls back into your body.

In one final thought, you pray not to wake up with tears running down your face.

21 comentarios:

Xenomorph dijo...

Fuck... where you on my mind yesterday? you've just described my thoughts.

I guess it's up to us to be strong enough.

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Strong enough to break, I guess.

... dijo...

Tal vez muchos te lo vayan a decir pero eso es lo que siento ultimamente, supongo que a todos nos pasa alguna vez.
Esas lineas:
"It's the same old room, it's the same old bed, it's the same old roof, and it's the same old life.
But you're not the same old you."

Simplemente son tan ciertas.

Ninja Peruano dijo...

I know... sometimes, I'm just so full of insights.

Janus dijo...

Se llama madurar. Y si, es muy feo.

Anónimo dijo...

la mayoria de los que seguimos este blog nos sentimos asi...por algo te seguimos, que bien escribes

Fer dijo...

por eso estabas medio blue el otro dia niño??
awww si hubiera sabido te compraba un chocolate =)

allizzia dijo...

That feeling is so cruel.
But I've never let it win me.

I'm still stucked.

Vain¡lla dijo...

I don’t feel myself today
Just a figure in a big monopoly game
Struggle is the price you pay
You get just enough just to give it away
I’m sinking but I’m floating away
Throw me a line so I can anchor my pain
The fabric is about to fray...

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Maybe you can take a look at yourself lately

Anónimo dijo...

Growing pains, honey!

Sometimes it sucks to be part of this... but it's this or nothing...

Next time you feel blue, call me... i'll bring you my biiiig jar of depression cookies!! (And yes, they are in fact plain and simple cookies).


KuDaKi dijo...

It is change...

I can't say if it is good or bad, but I can tell you, it will be always in your life, and, wether you realize or not it is always necesary... even if you don't like it.

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Hmmm, depression cookies...

Yes, well... I don't like change. It changes things.

Adrian dijo...

Wow, todos saben ingles.

Yes, well... I don't like change. It changes things.
I totally agree with you, mate.

Zorro de Terciopelo dijo...

I don't like changes either. I've had that feeling and it sucks, wandering when it all changed.. But we have to move on.

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Yes, but only because we must.

B.J. dijo...

jajaja, con todos se ponen emos cuando tu posteas, "oh si ese soy yo.. asi me siento", no aguanta nada.

ah por cierto, "post too long, didn't read". XD

Ninja Peruano dijo...

Didn't expect anything else from you.

B.J. dijo...


Ninja Peruano dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

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